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You're the best.
Work with the Best.

"AMBAC International has been recognized as a Best Place to Work after a thorough and comprehensive selection process."

~ South Carolina Chamber of Commerce


Fueling our
home town heroes.
The people serving in our defense, first responders, truckers, construction, and our farmers - the men and women that operate heavy equipment depend on us to get their jobs done. We serve the people that protect the people we love.
Do the right thing.

Our core values reflect our heart and soul. One team. One goal. One success.

Do The Right Thing...
…using Respect and dignity in all   

…for a safe environment
…being honest in all dealings
…operating with quality at all levels
…utilizing teamwork and trust in an
     open environment.

Employee Owned:
Share in the rewards.

We believe that if everyone understands the company, how we serve our customers, and how we make money, everyone will be more successful. And the team shares in that success.

Think and Act Like An Owner
- and be rewarded like one:

As a Great Game of Business company, AMBAC is creating a culture of financial literacy by teaching all associates business, taking ownership of those goals, and sharing in the rewards and as our goals are achieved. When AMBAC wins, everyone wins. Through our Gain Share Program all employees a direct stake in the company's success.

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Why work at AMBAC?

Employee Owned, Open Book, and a Great Career

Working for AMBAC International means being a part of something truly special. As an open book managed and employee-owned company, AMBAC values transparency, ownership, and collaboration. When you work at AMBAC, you have a stake in the company and are able to participate in decision-making processes. In addition, AMBAC fosters a strong, collaborative culture where everyone has a common goal and works together towards success. If you are looking for a place where you can make a real impact and be a part of something meaningful, join the AMBAC team.